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Complaints Handling Procedure

IDS is regulated by the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act 2000 and the Property Agents and Motor Dealers (Commercial Agency Practice Code of Conduct) Regulation 2001 & the Security Providers Act 1993 (QLD).

Whilst our aim is to provide efficient and professional service and to obtain results, we do acknowledge that sometimes even the best systems, products and services can fail.

IDS has a formal complaint handling process to ensure that complaints are handled in a reasonable, simple and easy manner and within an appropriate time frame.

If you have a complaint about the way in which our services have been provided / conducted, then you should write to our Complaints Handling Officer:

IDS Group
PO Box 13173
George Street Post Office

Email Address:

To ensure that we can deal with your complaint effectively and efficiently we require that you provide us with the following information:

  • Your name, address and phone number;
  • Your reference number which we supply to you;
  • Our client’s name (if we were not conducting work on your behalf); and
  • Sufficient detail about the complaint so that we can undertake an investigation (e.g. nature of the complaint, dates, names, amounts, phone numbers, reference numbers).

IDS Responsibilities

  • To resolve all complaints in a way that is fair to both you and to IDS
  • To resolve your complaint in accordance with the Complaints Handling Principles
  • To continuously improve our business and processes
  • To take sufficient time to complete necessary investigations into the complaint and to keep you informed of the expected completion date or progress made.

Complaint Principles

  • Commitment – IDS is committed to the efficient and fair resolution of complaints and resources for this purpose will be available.
  • Fairness – The complaints handling process must always be fair to both the complainant and the staff of IDS.
  • Visibility – The complaints handling process is to be well publicised internally and is to be available to all members of the public and staff and shall include information on the right to make a complaint.
  • Access – The complaints handling process is to be available to all. Information on making and resolving complaints is to be available, easy to understand and use and in plain language
  • Assistance – Where required, IDS staff will provide any support required by a complainant in making a complaint
  • Responsiveness & Accountability – Complaints will be dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. Complainants will be treated courteously and kept informed of the progress of the complaint. All response times are reported and reviewed monthly.
  • Charges – Lodging a complaint is free of charge.
  • Remedies – The Complaints Handling Process has the capacity and authority to resolve and implement remedies.
  • Data Collection and Analysis – All complaints and outcomes are recorded in the complaint register. All complaints are categorised for analysis of recurring problems.
  • Reviews – The Complaints Handling Process is continually reviewed to ensure that it delivers a fair and effective outcome in a timely manner.
  • Training and Education – IDS staff training and education programmes are regularly reviewed and upgraded to benefit from the findings and outcomes achieved in the Complaints Handling Process with the aim of limiting the number of complaints.

If your complaint is rejected then we will notify you in writing and will give you our reasons for that rejection. In those circumstances, we are then required by the Code of Conduct to give you a further separate document, explaining your further options. These will include referring the matter to the Office of Fair Trading, seeking legal advice, or agreeing with us to voluntarily refer the matter to a mediator. That document will also tell you that there are time limits in pursuing your complaint, making a claim under warranty or making a claim on the Fund established under the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act 2000.