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IDS Group is a Government licensed independent investigation company offering specialist Investigation Services in the following areas.

Workplace Investigations Insurance Investigations General Investigations

IDS Group has the ability to undertake multi-faceted investigations employing various investigative methodologies.

Our experienced Investigators and management have a unique mix of high-level skill sets covering criminal and civil investigations, law, human resources, psychology, justice administration, medical services and research analysis. 

IDS Group only retains investigators who are licensed by the Queensland Government pursuant to the Security Providers Act 1993 which means all investigators have been screened for probity and criminal history.

IDS Group is certified to the AS/NZS Standard of ISO:9001:2008 for Professional Services which ensures that we maintain and deliver quality investigations in all cases.

IDS Group is a member of the Institute of Mercantile Agents, World Association of Detectives (WAD) and the Council of International Investigators (CII).